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The most enjoyable in the winter

We back every hour of the clock are all on 25 October. We have an hour that night to sleep longer. This has the consequence that it is already dark in the late afternoon. For one, it is an unfortunate some fun time for the other that the warm days are over. How it went at it; most holidays of the year at the end. Think of Saint Martin, Halloween, Christmas, Christmas and New Year. All days some fun at the man gets up.


Aurela makes your home cozy

The sun is always used to go down and it's getting faster dark. This is the time when more and more people like to sit at home. To make it as pleasant as possible we are going to arrange home as attractive as possible. We are going to slowly prepare for the holidays. Thus the end of November all the first people to make their home Christmas ready. One house is more lavishly decorated than the other. This cozy feeling you can keep yourself through your house within decorate but you can also share it with others.


Aurela when we know the feeling of togetherness and fun too well. With many scholarships have visited and have done research into the latest liveliest products, we also provide again the most attractive products for your home and garden this year. Before we offer these products we test this yourself first. Only if we ourselves are very excited about, we make them available to you.


To give an impression to what we have to offer this year for decorating your home and garden, we will take our best products even under the microscope.


Lights (Christmas) tree:

The lights (Christmas) tree is a product that is only available on Aurela and that fits into every home. It can give a beautiful addition to your already decorated home. But the lights (Christmas) tree can also serve as a chic addition to your home. Because the branches are adjustable so you can drop the tree you how it wants. You can choose here whether you let the tree lit by batteries or by plugging connection.


Fireworks light:

Another product that came strongly from our testing is the Fireworks light. The bright colors and moving branches this really is a must have for every garden. Moreover Fireworks light is ahead of its time. This is because the LED solar lights. The sturdy handle and rugged exterior is the Fireworks light resistant to rough handling and waterproof. We are pleased to tell the Fireworks light at this time (December 1, 2020) has an average rating of 4.6.


Snowfall LED Lighting:

It's been a while since we have seen snow in the Netherlands and Belgium. The gardens and balconies look almost exactly like in the summer. This is quite a sad thing sensation to the eye. For your garden and balcony something to brighten and snowing effect with giving we find Snowfall LED lighting ideal outcome. Because moving the lights and walk straight down gives a really snowing effect. This could also provide an attractive character in a tree or plant. Do not be afraid of shorting, because this product is obviously tested against rain and storm.


Multi-Color LED Lights:

Different color light is all the time. You can give your home the perfect color how you want to feel. Multi-Color LED Lights are as much change in 16 colors so that color you have in mind, is there anyway to. Would you rather give an exciting color your garden? Also this is possible because the Multi-Color LED Lights operate on batteries.


We have many people in the past can make you happy with our products. Here we do it! Do you want to surprise your partner with an attractive house? Look around at the Aurela website.



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